No One Effects Change in the World Faster than an Entrepreneur.

The Syndicate Fund provides exceptional early stage startups the capital and support needed to build great businesses.

Who We Are

The Syndicate Fund is an early stage venture capital fund with LP’s that are willing to help our portfolio.


For Entrepreneurs

  • A founders first fund created by experienced entrepreneurs.
  • Access to our network of our Limited Partners.
  • Perks from our fund partners including Hubspot, Amazon and more.
  • Support, mentorship and Rolodex from our team and partners.
Of Mentor Hours and Connections

Industry Experts


Years of Entrepreneurial Experience

Our Process

1. The Syndicate Fund (TSF) management team sources, vets, and makes investment decisions from their traditional early stage venture fund in pre-seed and seed stage startups with high growth potential.
2. Our goal is to provide an immediate decision when possible.
3. Post investment, our portfolio companies get access to a portal with a listing of our LP’s, who have already agreed to connect and help out when possible.
4. TSF’s team and our Syndicate members remain engaged as active mentors, as needed, for our portfolio.


We believe entrepreneurs can affect positive change in this world.

Brett Brohl Managing Director at Thy Sindicate Fund

Brett Brohl is the founder and Managing Director of The Syndicate Fund. He is an entrepreneur first. With multiple exits and at least one failure under his belt, he understands how hard it is to build a company. He is the Managing Director of the Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator focused on tech enabled companies innovating in the food world. He was formerly the entrepreneur in residence at the Techstars Retail Accelerator and was the Director of Techstars Startup Next Food & Ag. Brett holds an MBA from The Darden School of Business and is an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Business. On Twitter @brettbrohl

  • Ryan Broshar - Syndicate Fund Adviser Ryan Broshar | Adviser
    Ryan has been working in and with early stage businesses for his entire career. Ryan is the Founder and Managing Director for Matchstick Ventures and the Techstars Retail Accelerator. Broshar is also Co-Founder of Beta.MN and Twin Cities Startup Week. Prior to venture capital, Ryan was a founder of multiple startups. On Twitter @rbroshar.
  • Will Allen AdviserWill Allen | Adviser
    William Allen is an entrepreneur and investor in early stage companies. He was the COO of Behance before their acquisition by Adobe, and prior to that lead global partnerships at TED. On Twitter @williamallen
  • Jan Rajaratnam - The Syndicate Fund AssociateJanahan Rajaratnam | Associate
    Janahan (Jan) is a tech guy, turned finance guy, turned back to tech guy. He did a stint working in institutional asset management before taking the leap into full-time entrepreneurship. In addition to the Syndicate Fund, Jan is also a freelance web developer and digital marketer through his company Valari Solutions. On Twitter @jrajaratnam

Where We Invest

The Syndicate Fund is focused on seed and pre-seed companies with operations in the United States. While opportunistic, our specific areas of interest include companies operating anywhere along the value chain in retail, marketing, food, & agriculture. If you are a passionate entrepreneur with a big vision that is smart, willing to work hard, and willing to learn we would love to talk.

Why We Started The Syndicate Fund

Entrepreneurship is hard. We have walked the path on our own and it sucks. When we finally found advocates, mentors, and advisers it was like flipping a switch. No entrepreneur should go it alone and we are here to do our best to help make sure that happens.

Power of the Network

Advice, rolodex, or just an ear that understands what you are going through. There is power in a network. All of the Syndicate members are ready and willing to connect with our entrepreneurs to try and help make a difference. We vet our members to make sure they genuinely want to help and once they join they are always vested in our company’s results.

Entrepreneur Education

In addition to investing in great startups, The Syndicate Fund is dedicated to ongoing education. To that extent we created “Brett’s Brain” for both investors and entrepreneurs. On this channel we provide quick tips and best practices from entrepreneurs, subject matter experts and our Managing Director, Brett Brohl. Entrepreneurship is tough, these tips are here to help you improve your chance at success. If you have a question you want our opinion on, submit it below!


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